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4 reasons why you should use a CV template

The latest craze in the world of CV writing brings a completely new approach – and it’s called a CV template. But what is a CV template? It’s a ready made CV design which allows you to simply copy and… Continue Reading →

4 important soft skills you need for the workplace and how to get them

When we think about adding skills to our CV we often consider only specific (or hard) skills, like computer literacy, machine operation, accounting, and so on. But a soft skill refers to a more generic personal trait or attribute, like… Continue Reading →

How to answer the 5 most common job interview questions

You will never know what questions you’re going to be asked in a job interview. However, you can still prepare a few answers in advanced to some of the most commonly asked. Although the questions we’ve chosen here may not… Continue Reading →

How to write a CV that passes the 30 second test  

Did you know that on average an employer will spend less than 30 seconds reading a CV? It’s a scary thought, but unfortunately this is true. With so many applications to read through, the hiring manager wants to make it… Continue Reading →

How to prevent age discrimination from your CV

An employer is not allowed to discriminate against someone’s age when deciding who to hire. But policing this kind of choice is very difficult, so it’s important to write a CV that doesn’t open your self up to this or… Continue Reading →

7 ways to create a CV that beats the competition

If you’re struggling to get a job interview it could be that your CV isn’t able to match up to the competition. Trying to figure out what may be going wrong is difficult, but not impossible. To help you stand… Continue Reading →

Employment Law Changes in 2016!

 A number of new employment law reforms have and will come into effect in 2016. Gender Pay Reporting Begins Large employers are now obliged to publish information about their gender pay gaps.  The new legislation had to be introduced by… Continue Reading →

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